Book Review Time: Children Of Virtue And Vengeance

After reading Children Of Blood And Bone (the first book in the Legacy of Orïsha trilogy,) I had zero-hesitancy jumping into the next book. 

Tomi Adeyemi’s Children Of Virtue And Vengeance picks up pretty closely from where the previous story left off. Zelie, with help from Amari, Tzain, and others, has completed her mission of returning magic to her homeland of Orïsha.  However, there are some unforeseen consequences. The restoration brings magical abilities back to the Maji. But, unfortunately, it also releases a powerful form of magic in a select group of nobles who have maji ancestry. With magic in hand, and the backing of a military force, the monarchy continues their tyrannical reign. Their stronghold is guided by a belief that no sacrifice is too great in order to maintain control. The revelation of the monarchy’s increased power, further complicates Zelie’s objective to free her people from persecution and death. Added to all of this, is Zelie’s own personal struggles with love, loss, guilt, and insecurity; creating an atmosphere of high drama. 

Children Of Virtue And Vengeance is an amazing sequel. It’s just as action-packed as Book 1. Readers are introduced to new and interesting characters. And the characters that we are already familiar with, are given more texture and nuance. Of course, there’s love and romance. You gotta have that, right? And, even though, magic dominates in the battle scenes, I love Adeyemi’s description of magic during more peaceful moments in the narrative. She illustrates the beauty and movement of magic, as well as, the vibrancy of its colors. This is an awesome book. Yet another page-turner from Adeyemi. I loved it.


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