Jane Austen’s Persuasion

Every year I need to have my Jane Austen fix. The last few years, it’s been Pride and Prejudice. But this is the year of Persuasion. Austen’s female characters usually have some distinctive flaw that drives the storyline, and gets them into varying degrees of trouble. Elizabeth was too proud. Maryanne, too impulsive. Elinor, too passive. Fanny, exceptionally boring. Emma, a bit of a brat. But Anne Elliot is something different. She’s an awesome girl…damn-near perfect; smart, even-tempered, compassionate. But, unfortunately, Anne is “persuaded” into making one very bad decision. It costs her the love of her life and leads to much unhappiness. The reader is introduced to the character of Anne, eight years removed from this life-altering event. Maturity has brought with it wisdom and far less pliability. Will Anne get a second chance at love? You gotta read it to find out. In my opinion, this novel is Jane Austen at her best. Her commentary on 18th century English country society is sharp and bitingly humorous. Classic Austen!

What’s your favorite Austen novel? Let’s discuss. Maybe a friendly debate.


2 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s Persuasion

  1. I agree with you about Anne! Elizabeth seems to be THE favorite Austen girl. Anne gets overlooked. Being the last full novel (Lady Susan aside), Austen provided insights into the importance of how true love stays the course and isn’t whimsically first sight stuff found in her other books.

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