microfiction, episode 4-hinges:

Smoke and mirrors. Bells and whistles. Nuts and bolts. Doors and hinges?

It started with a small squeak. And only when the door was opened abruptly. Quickly. The sound was akin to that of a surprised mouse. Barely registering as a minor annoyance, Ky purchased a can of WD40, and assumed the problem was solved. But it wasn’t. A month later, the squeaking returned. This time it didn’t matter the speed at which the door was opened. And the sound had developed complexity. The original small squeak upon opening was quickly followed by a longer, higher-pitched, squeak when closing. Two mice. Two mice conspiring. After doing some research on her phone, Ky discovered that although WD40 can provide immediate results, over time it could also increase the problem. WD40 reminded Ky of her ex-boyfriend. 

What followed was 3 months of trial and error based on website advice. Silicone lubricants, olive oil, petroleum jelly. Each produced temporary relief. But ultimately the squeaking returned. Ky’s final DIY attempt (hair spray) only worked for a week. By that point, the door’s hinges rendered a cacophony of mouse sounds, sending Ky nearly over the edge. She imagined the pupils of her eyes spiraling like those of animated characters, who’ve been bonked on the head.

When the door installation professional arrived on a raining Tuesday, Ky could barely contain herself. A quick assessment revealed the underlying problem. According to Malcolm (the door installation professional), the door itself was hung incorrectly which in time led to the premature breakdown of the hinges. 

Malcolm, you don’t even know the half of it.


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