microfiction: episode 6-excerpts/Book Review Time: Sisters

Ky sat at the end of the bar. Book in hand. She ordered a French 75 and settled in. The bartender, assuming a woman on her own in a near-empty bar must be in want of conversation, swooped in. She didn’t really want to talk. She had her book. But here they were. 

Surprisingly, their discussion covered a host of meaningful topics including family. At 35, the bartender still lived with his parents. He blamed skyrocketing rent. Ky suspected there was more to the story. As they delved deeper, she revealed she was orphaned at a young age. Ky and her sister were raised by their great-aunt in a small house with plants that moved. She spoke of the closeness between her and her sister. So very much in sync, they demolished competing teams in games of charades. They even shared a secret language. A language based on low volume. One sister could whisper to the other across a noisy, crowded room, and the message would be received clearly. The bartender examined Ky with a note of suspicion. So she took that as a cue to order another round.


And speaking of unusual connections, Sisters by Daisy Johnson presents a sibling relationship mired in dysfunction and hidden toxicity. September and July, born just 10 months apart, are as thick as thieves to the exclusion of everyone, even their long-suffering mother. September is mercurial and prone to aggression. She loves her sister. However, that love is marred by incredible acts of manipulation. July, ever submissive, bends to her sister’s domineering will in order to keep some semblance of peace in their troubled lives. But one tragic event will change everything; potentially shifting the balance of power, and testing the ties that bind.

If you’re in search of the perfect gothic novel for the Halloween season, look no further than Sisters by Daisy Johnson. A psychological thriller that will have you on edge until its twisted and unforgettable end. 


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