Bev-talk: “Stress-Ease”

You all know me as Ginny Malbec, book-loving blogger. But when I remove this cloak, I’m a working mother and wife, a healthcare provider juggling the demands of clinical life with my obligations to family and friends. Although my profession has its rewards, and my personal life is filled with love and support, they can also be sources of stress. The pursuit to somehow master both worlds is a difficult one. Workplace demands, deadlines, inflation, drop-offs and pick-ups, new math, unexpected emergency room visits, climate change, ailing parents, the pandemic, social unrest, and all the while we’re still expected to somehow provide a proper, well-balanced, dinner to our families each evening. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to floss. It’s a heavy order. So, somewhere within that home-made pie, with carved sections for work and family life, there must be a third slice dedicated exclusively to self care. Self-care regimes are unique to the individual. For me, it’s regularly scheduled massages and pedicures. It’s reading great fiction, and discussing what I’ve read with you all on this forum. It’s also indulging in a soothing beverage.

Traditional Medicinals Stress-Ease Cinnamon Caffeine-Free Tea, as its name suggests, sets the perfect tone. (And if you’re wondering, Traditional Medicinals is not a sponsor of This is purely my personal assessment.) The blend of cinnamon bark and licorice root never overpowers the senses. Yet, there is a gentle cumulative effect that warms the soul and provides a subtle bit of sweetness to the tongue. It’s ideal on autumn days. All clouds and falling leaves outside. Warm beverages and cozy blankets inside. Prime conditions for a willing reader to follow Lucy Honeychurch across Italy and the English countryside as she attempts to avoid the advances of George Emerson and ignore the futile placating of Cousin Charlotte. 

This is a lovely Sunday indeed. I’m sure Mr. Beebe would agree.


5 thoughts on “Bev-talk: “Stress-Ease”

  1. That tea looks great! I’ll have to try it. Another one you might like is Celestial Seasons Bengal Spice. Love this post and how reading and blogging is a source of self-care for you. It’s so true…

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