Top 3 Novels of 2022

In a world that prides itself on creating “end-of-the-year” lists that adhere to multiples of 5 or 10, I, Ginny Malbec, offer you a list of my THREE favorite novels released in 2022. 

I read so many wonderful books this year. But I decided to give myself the challenge of whittling down my personal list to three. It was not an easy task.

So, here goes… 

Lesson In Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

“Elizabeth Zott, the protagonist of Lessons In Chemistry, is a literary heroine for the ages. In early 1960s America- an America that had yet to feel the full force of the feminist movement-Zott stands as a vanguard. A reluctant television personality with a super-successful cooking show, Zott would just prefer to be recognized as a chemist. She is a highly educated scientist by trade and by passion; her natural habitat, a lab with beakers and bunsen burners. Yet her life is over-burdened with the struggle to be taken seriously. She has been the victim of research theft and workplace harassment, as well as, assault from men in positions of power. In spite of it all, she maintains an unwavering resolve. Because if anyone is up for a challenge- if anyone is willing to take a sledgehammer to patriarchy- it’s Elizabeth Zott.” ~G

Memphis by Tara M. Stringfellow

“Art at its best exemplifies truth. Something raw. Elemental. Stringfellow captures truth and belts it out with a voice that is unrestrained and fearless. Her characters are rich and complex, speaking in such a way that a single line reveals volumes. Stringfellow also effectively demonstrates the intricate nature of family relationships. Events can complicate love at its root. It takes strength and great care to survive the disruption. Luckily, the North women are true survivors…Memphis is a worthy novel. It is a story of mothers and daughters. Of heartache and survival. A testament to female strength and independence steeled by love and nourishment. A tribute to black womanhood, and the gifts that lie within us, awaiting expression.” ~G

The Swimmers by Julie Otsuka

This searing novel begins as one might suspect, chronicling the experiences of a group of recreational swimmers, in their most favored environment, the local “subterranean” pool. Swimming is their obsession. Any extended time spent away from the pool, leads to dysfunction. And in spite of the strain it places on their personal relationships, the swimmers’ emotional subsistence depends upon swimming lap after lap in fast, medium, and slow lanes, ever observant of the delicate and esoteric politics surrounding community pool etiquette.

But a small crack on the bottom surface of the pool changes everything. Closures lead to more closures. And a pool that once represented reliability, a source of comfort and order, quickly takes on an air of mystery and potential danger, forcing the eccentric group of swimmers to finally come up for air.” ~G

Stay tuned for my next “Book Review Time” post, where I’ll reveal the title that would’ve made this list, if I had slightly increased it to 4.

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Happy reading and choose your beverages wisely.


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