What’s Ginny Reading Next?

I’m super-excited about this one…

Never Meant To Meet You is co-authored by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans. It tells the story of next-door neighbors whose geographic proximity has not translated itself into close personal ties. Apart from the tiniest of civilities, any true connection is non-existent. 

Marjette Lewis, a divorced mother and kindergarten teacher, abides by the rules of social etiquette she was raised in. She’s a Preacher’s kid, after all. And if she can provide a helping hand for one in need, she’s more than willing to step up. However, when it comes to her neighbor, Noa Abrams, a woman who exudes icy perfection, Marjette’s friendly nature goes into hiding.

But a tragic event will unexpectedly bring these two women together. 

Life rarely goes to plan. There are twists and turns. Moments we can never prepare ourselves for. And as Marjette and Noa commiserate in their experiences of loss, they’ll find the strength to create something meaningful from the pain.

Balletto Pinot Grigio 2021. A crisp, citrus delight. This wine holds its own in the flavor department.

Don’t get the wrong impression, this novel is not all “doom and gloom.” I’m about 50 pages in, and there’s some great humor and spot-on social commentary. I also appreciate the nod to southern black culture. Marjette is an Oakland-transplant by way of Tulsa. And her upbringing deeply informs her life in ways I certainly can relate to. She relies on the wisdom gifted to her by strong matriarchal figures; a gift, I, too, have received and carried with me to the Bay-Area, where I now reside. It’s cool to already feel such a strong connection to a character.

I look forward to following the journey of these two interesting women and sharing the experience with you.

What are you all reading during this winter break leading into the New Year? Post in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Reading!


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