A Very Special Book Review Time: The Book Haters’ Book Club

Sometimes when I’m writing, I’ll envision my target audience. In those moments, the image that comes to mind is of individuals who share my passion. People who love reading and discussing great (and sometimes, not so great) books. 

But I’m sure within my small following, there are those making their way to my blog whose love of the written word isn’t as fervent as mine. Perhaps, they are lapsed readers with busy schedules, looking to reacquaint themselves with the pastime. Or maybe, they’re a person who never enjoyed reading. In all likelihood, the high school experience of required reading left them with the belief that books are boring. Yet they’ve decided to visit my site with, what I hope is, open-mindedness and curiosity.

Therefore, part of my mission with booksandbevs7 is to confer onto my audience the enthusiasm I have for all things bookish. And if I’m responsible even in the smallest way for someone finding joy in reading, then mission accomplished. 

Gretchen Anthony’s The Book Haters’s Book Club truly drives home the message of “putting the right books in the right hands.”

A toast to independent bookstores and libraries. Simi, Saugvignon Blanc, 2021

Mourning the recent death of her business partner, Irma, co-owner of the Over the Rainbow Bookshop has decided to sell her business to condo developers with a history of shady dealings. The Over the Rainbow Bookshop is a community staple, and has been for decades. So when word gets out of its impending closure, sadness, confusion, and a call to action surface. Irma’s two adult daughters, Bree and Laney, along with Thom (the life partner of Elliot, who was Irma’s best friend and business partner) join forces to save the bookshop. But they’re met with resistance from an unlikely source. Irma. 

For years, Irma has poured her heart and soul into the Over the Rainbow Bookshop. Her unyielding dedication over that time, has created tension in her family, with lasting repercussions. So it’s no wonder her daughters are baffled by her now apparent indifference to the bookshop’s looming demise. Irma’s odd behavior also triggers resentment from Thom, who feels she is disrespecting Elliott’s legacy and many years of sacrifice.

But Irma has her reasons for wanting to sell, and in time all will be revealed.

The Book Haters’ Book Club is a fun read, and a celebration of the bookstores, libraries, and local businesses that bring communities together. This novel also has a lot of great book recommendations. And the reader is treated to appearances by Elliot, the deceased co-owner of the Over the Rainbow Bookshop, delighting us with wisdom and anecdotes from the great beyond.

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In keeping with the theme of celebrating bookstores and libraries, booksandbevs7 will be introducing a new segment at the end of blog posts, called bookstore/library shout-outs. In this segment, I will post a message from a booksandbevs7 follower, spotlighting their favorite bookstore or library. You can even send a shout-out to a staff member or librarian who helped you find the perfect book. Send your personal messages to ginnymalbec@booksandbevs7.org, with the subject line, “bookstore/library shout-out.” Let me know if you would like your first name included on the message, or if you’d prefer to remain anonymous. If you don’t specify, the message will default to anonymous.

I hope you all will participate and I look forward to relaying your messages in future posts. 

Until next time…happy reading!


2 thoughts on “A Very Special Book Review Time: The Book Haters’ Book Club

  1. Looking forward to checking out these suggestions! I have a general shout out to my local library: East Bonner County Library which we simply call The Library. Among their many appreciated qualities is that they often buy requested items instead of using inter-library loans. This is lovely since it makes me feel like I am contributing to the growth of the library’s collection.

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