microfiction (episode 2-cracks)

The cracks are beginning to show. Just around the eyes. And slight furrows trace the sensitive skin between the lower forehead and the bridge of the nose. While examining her face in the bathroom mirror, several thoughts come to mind. Why do we always seem to be out of milk? What exactly is a NFT? Who was that one really good actor in that shitty Netflix series? Is Vitamin C serum all hype?

Ky gently touches the signs of age that now reside on her face, and she is reminded of a road map. So many directions. So many destinations. Once upon a time, she drove through the whole state of Kansas without stopping. The lack of topography was unnerving. Bladder full, she rushed to find the nearest rest stop, after crossing the border into Colorado. She wonders if she’ll ever do something like that again. 

Staring into the mirror, a distant sound can be heard coming from the kitchen. It’s the refrigerator door opening. Ky will definitely need to buy more milk in the morning. She then carefully removes a secret stash of Milano cookies from a drawer beneath the bathroom sink. As she quietly chews, she makes a mental note to also buy more Milano cookies.


5 thoughts on “microfiction (episode 2-cracks)

  1. Love it. Wonderful imagery puts the reader beside Ky or even in her head. She is a very relatable character (I have my own secret stashes).

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