YA Fiction Spotlight: Elizabeth Acevedo

There is such a breadth of talented writers making their mark in YA fiction. 

And in recognition of this genre, I’m devoting this post to one writer in particular.

Back in the summer of 2020, I read and reviewed three novels by the incredible authoress, Elizabeth Acevedo. Her work brings flavor, color, and depth to the world of literature. Acevedo immerses the reader in the complicated lives of her strong female characters, providing a unique perspective of the Afro-Latina experience in America.

Representation is important in literature, as well as in other facets of life. It allows individuals to feel that they are being seen, heard, and understood. Representation also has the ability to change minds and foster empathy. I truly believe Acevedo’s work rises to this level of impact.

Check out the links below to read my reviews of The Elizabeth Acevedo Collection: The Poet X, With The Fire On High, and Clap When You Land.


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Enjoy! And until next time…happy reading!


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