Book Review Time: She and Her Cat

A Cat I Know

I consider myself more of a dog person. But there is a cat I’ve grown quite fond of over the years. His name is Thomas, aka Tommy, and he belongs to two very dear friends of mine.

Things one should know about Tommy…

He’s old.

He’s grumpy.

He’ll wake you up before your alarm does.

He prefers his meals before their scheduled time.

He has a bit of a drooling problem which exhibits itself in relaxed states.

And please, please, don’t ever pick him up. It makes him tense.


If you gently scratch the soft spot between his ears, Tommy will offer up personal stories of his many adventures and countless woes. It’s quite the treat. 

And so, I dedicate this post to him.

A cool cucumber mocktail. Perfect for a sunny spring day.

Book Review Time

She and Her Cat is an adorably sweet debut novella by anime filmmaker Makoto Shinkai. It tells the story of a community of neighborhood cats who impact the lives of their human owners in ways both great and small. 

Interlacing the cat and human perspective, Shinkai creates a nuanced representation of the relationship between man and domesticated beast. Each of the cat characters (Chobi, Mimi, Cookie and Kuro,) in their individual ways, lead their owners toward personal discovery and transformation, whether it’s by simply helping them recognize toxic relationships and self-sabotaging behaviors, or by guiding them through the turbulent waters of loss, depression, and debilitating grief. The cats accomplish all of this while at times encountering a perilous outside world, with its speeding cars and feral feline politics.

Pets possess a unique understanding of their owners. They have a primal sense of man’s anxiety, sadness, and fear. And as a result there is a need to comfort and protect on their part. Shinkai captures this in a way that is deeply heartwarming and engaging.

It happens to be my personal belief that the emotional support furry friends provide far outweighs what we have to offer them in return, even considering the ghastly vet bills. Am I right, Tommy?

So, if you’re looking for an entertaining read that will warm your heart and soul, She and Her Cat is definitely worth checking out.  

Additional Recommendations

I’m often asked by lapsed readers for book recommendations to bring them back into the fold, so to speak. And one of the books I always recommend is Sigrid Nunez’s The Friend ( .)  I’ve read it three times, and each time it absolutely wrings my heart out. It’s a beautiful story about a small woman who inherits a rather large dog. In spite of the difficulties they encounter throughout, love reigns. Their relationship is one for the ages. If you haven’t read this amazing novel already, please add it to your list post haste. 

For the cat lover, through and through, I can’t off the top of my head think of a novel I’ve read that had cats as the centerpiece (apart from children’s literature.) Any recommendations are more than welcome. Just comment below.

I did, however, write a book review back in 2022 of the novel The Bookshop of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser, which features a feline character who hangs around the aforementioned establishment.

It is my belief that bookstore cats are the coolest of cats.

Happy Reading to you all.


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