YA Fiction Spotlight: Elizabeth Acevedo

There is such a breadth of talented writers making their mark in YA fiction.  And in recognition of this genre, I’m devoting this post to one writer in particular. Back in the summer of 2020, I read and reviewed three novels by the incredible authoress, Elizabeth Acevedo. Her work brings flavor, color, and depth toContinue reading “YA Fiction Spotlight: Elizabeth Acevedo”

What’s Ginny Reading Next?

I’m super-excited about this one… Never Meant To Meet You is co-authored by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans. It tells the story of next-door neighbors whose geographic proximity has not translated itself into close personal ties. Apart from the tiniest of civilities, any true connection is non-existent.  Marjette Lewis, a divorced mother and kindergarten teacher,Continue reading “What’s Ginny Reading Next?”

What’s Ginny reading next?

What’s Ginny reading next? Well, if you really want to know… I have two selections on the docket this week. The first is the novel called The Swimmers by Chloe Lane. It’s a dramedy centered around a young woman returning to her family home for a short visit to see her terminally ill mother andContinue reading “What’s Ginny reading next?”

Top 3 Novels of 2022

In a world that prides itself on creating “end-of-the-year” lists that adhere to multiples of 5 or 10, I, Ginny Malbec, offer you a list of my THREE favorite novels released in 2022.  I read so many wonderful books this year. But I decided to give myself the challenge of whittling down my personal listContinue reading Top 3 Novels of 2022

Freebie Alert!!!

‘Tis the season for giving! And booksandbevs7.org is totally, completely, and whole-heartedly, in the spirit. I have designed (mostly with the help of Canva…lol) a cool freebie for you all. It’s titled, “The Bookish Planner,” and it will add organization and structure to your book-loving life. The planner features a book log, wish-list page, sectionsContinue reading “Freebie Alert!!!”

Confession Of A Former Book Snob

It’s difficult to admit to past failings, flaws, and insecurities. But today, I must make a confession. Outwardly, one might assume I have it all together, when most of the time, I actually don’t. My calm demeanor masks an internal struggle with demons as paralyzing as anxiety, as well as lesser nuisances that bubble toContinue reading Confession Of A Former Book Snob

microfiction: episode 6-excerpts/Book Review Time: Sisters

Ky sat at the end of the bar. Book in hand. She ordered a French 75 and settled in. The bartender, assuming a woman on her own in a near-empty bar must be in want of conversation, swooped in. She didn’t really want to talk. She had her book. But here they were.  Surprisingly, theirContinue reading “microfiction: episode 6-excerpts/Book Review Time: Sisters”