microfiction: episode 5-wind chimes:

Ky’s two biggest fears? Antiques and reptiles. She wakes up, one day, to the sound of wind chimes, and finds herself in an unfamiliar bed. It’s a large, exceedingly comfortable, bed adorned with tropical linens. There’s a huge open window on the opposite side of the room leading to a balcony with a vast blue-greenContinue reading “microfiction: episode 5-wind chimes:”

PictureHouse by Madison Klophaus

2021 has been a tough year. I suffered a huge loss with the passing of my dad. As a consequence, life lost a lot of its color. I had previously been riding high with my side gig as a book reviewer/blogger. But after losing my dad, I suffered a months-long bout of writer’s block. ItContinue reading “PictureHouse by Madison Klophaus”

Problematic: Ernest Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises

We find ourselves in the midst of a reckoning, centuries in the making. The cry to denounce racial and patriarchal constructs has increased across the world. Societies have begun to open their eyes to the inequities that have long existed. With this closer examination of culture, past and present, there has also been heightened (andContinue reading “Problematic: Ernest Hemingway and The Sun Also Rises”

Jane Austen’s Persuasion

Every year I need to have my Jane Austen fix. The last few years, it’s been Pride and Prejudice. But this is the year of Persuasion. Austen’s female characters usually have some distinctive flaw that drives the storyline, and gets them into varying degrees of trouble. Elizabeth was too proud. Maryanne, too impulsive. Elinor, tooContinue reading “Jane Austen’s Persuasion”