Book Review Time: Klara and The Sun

In 2001, a film called A.I. Artificial Intelligence ( was released. A.I.  is unique in that it’s one of the few films directed by the illustrious Steven Spielberg to have received a mixed reception. I would argue that the film’s polarizing effect is in large part due to the subject matter. A.I. is the storyContinue reading “Book Review Time: Klara and The Sun”

Book Review Time: The Bridge Of Little Jeremy

(Disclosure: I was provided with a free copy of this title, in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.) The Bridge Of Little Jeremy by Indrajit Garai is the story of a young Parisian boy named Jeremy, and his trusted canine companion, Leon. The two friends are inseparable, as they venture out and explore theirContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Bridge Of Little Jeremy”

Book Review Time: birds of california

With the waning days of summer upon us, this is an excellent time to venture poolside, or perhaps, visit your local beach. And the perfect companion for such activities is a light(ish) novel. I find romantic comedies often fit the bill. Therefore, if you are so inclined, may I recommend birds of california by KatieContinue reading “Book Review Time: birds of california”

Book Review Time: Standard Deviation

On rare occasions, I experience what I call “novel dilemma.” This happens when I reach the end of a book, and I have no idea how I feel about it. Did I like it? Did I hate it? There’s no clear verdict. Sometimes novel dilemmas can arise from mediocre stories with compelling characters, or stellarContinue reading “Book Review Time: Standard Deviation”

Book Review Time: The Secret Life Of Albert Entwistle

I’m sure it is obvious to most that I write under a pseudonym. Ginny Malbec sounds about as authentic as a 3 dollar bill. Yet, in spite of the name, the message I deliver is 100% the real deal. It took me quite a bit of time to find my voice. My authentic self. IContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Secret Life Of Albert Entwistle”

Book Review Time: Lessons In Chemistry

Elizabeth Zott, the protagonist of Lessons In Chemistry, is a literary heroine for the ages. In early 1960s America- an America that had yet to feel the full force of the feminist movement-Zott stands as a vanguard. A reluctant television personality with a super-successful cooking show, Zott would just prefer to be recognized as aContinue reading “Book Review Time: Lessons In Chemistry”

Book Review Time: Open Water

Amid the smooth rhythms of hip-hop, soul, and R&B, a love story emerges. Two artists (a photographer and a dancer) meet. Their connection is immediate. Their movements are in tempo. Their conversation flows to a place beyond words. But what’s a love story without conflict? In the case of the couple depicted in Open Water,Continue reading “Book Review Time: Open Water”

Book Review Time: Cassandra At The Wedding

Oh boy, was this an intriguing selection. Cassandra…found its way to me via the podcast, Backlisted. I’m quite pleased that it did. As is the case with fictional works that lean heavily on character study, the analysis within the pages, at times, becomes unnerving. As a reader, there is the edgy consciousness of the voyeur,Continue reading “Book Review Time: Cassandra At The Wedding”

Book Review Time (condensed version): The Stolen Lady

The other storyline follows Anne, a typist in the archival department of the Louvre during WWII. With the French Occupation looming, Anne is enlisted to join her colleagues on a courageous endeavor to hide several valuable works of art from the invading Nazis. Often narrowly avoiding discovery, this team of brave museum workers travel throughoutContinue reading “Book Review Time (condensed version): The Stolen Lady”

Book Review Time: Dial A For Aunties

Lemme tell ya…if you’re in the market for an absolutely hilarious novel, that will have your rapt attention, from beginning to end, look no further than Jesse Q. Sutanto’s Dial A For Aunties. The main character, Meddy Chan, is a photographer in her family’s wedding business. Over the years, Meddy has been witness to aContinue reading “Book Review Time: Dial A For Aunties”