Book Review Time: Red Island House

I debated with myself on whether or not I should write a review for this novel so soon after reading it. Not to say, I didn’t like Red Island House. Quite the contrary. I loved it. The story is captivating and lush not unlike the tropical environment it is primarily set in. But the novelContinue reading “Book Review Time: Red Island House”

Book Review Time: The Swimmers

Nothing lasts forever, as we are all well aware. We accept this as true…in theory. But few moments are more jarring, and depending on the circumstances, more painful than when we come face to face with this harsh reality in our own lives. We’re never quite prepared for it. In Julie Otsuka’s The Swimmers weContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Swimmers”

Book Review Time: The Reading List

The power of books is undeniable. They can be an escape, transporting us to worlds far beyond our reach, to times that pre or post-date our existence, introducing us to characters and circumstances that aren’t often recognizable in our day to day lives. We can lose ourselves in the pages of a book. But whatContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Reading List”

Book Review Time: Stakes Is High

For a comparatively slim collection of essays, Stakes Is High delivers a mighty punch. Triggered by the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Mychal Denzel Smith was left a broken man. Yet from this fragile state he has developed a message that is firm and clear. He needed to write this book, to deliver a warningContinue reading “Book Review Time: Stakes Is High”

Book Review Time: Beautiful

One simple adjective can sum up the entirety of a book. Of an experience. With a plot richly textured, and characters explored in their absolute fullness, displaying humanity unvarnished, the novel, Beautiful, proves to be just that. Beautiful. This is the story of two brothers, born and raised in the Mexican village of Merida. Miguel,Continue reading “Book Review Time: Beautiful”

Book Review Time: The Bookshop of Second Chances

The title caught my eye. “Bookshop.” Ok, so, books obviously play a role. And I love books. “Second Chances” adds an element of intrigue. It implies a past conflict or disappointment. Possibly a dramatic failure has taken place. A circumstance that would necessitate a reboot and maybe a change of scenery. A story that couldContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Bookshop of Second Chances”

Book Review Time: The Giver of Stars

It’s interesting where our choices take us. We set out on a grand adventure filled with the best of intentions, and an excitement for what is new and yet to be discovered. We envision the story to come. Its characters are laid out clearly before us. Perhaps it’s a sweeping romance. Yes. That’s it. AContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Giver of Stars”

Book Review Time: Intimations

Zadie Smith makes me wish my brain was bigger. Only then, might I stand a chance of keeping with her. Yet in Intimations, there is a marked vulnerability noted in this great writer/thinker, as she pieces together a revised philosophy on life. A revision made necessary by a global pandemic.  Covid-19 has changed (and continuesContinue reading “Book Review Time: Intimations”

Book Review Time: The Editor

As Barbra Streisand sang so beautifully “People/ People who need…people/ Are the luc–.” Well there’s no need to recite (or in my case, sing) the whole verse. You know what I’m getting at. We need each other. And sometimes we need someone to just give us a chance. An opportunity to reveal our true potential.Continue reading “Book Review Time: The Editor”

Book Review Time: Ordinary People

Insightful realism collides with moments of the supernatural in this tale of relationships on the brink. In Ordinary People by Diana Evans, we are introduced to two couples: city-dwelling Londoners, Melissa and Michael; and long-time suburbanites, Stephanie and Damian. Each relationship has years of investment behind it, as well as, children in tow. And theContinue reading “Book Review Time: Ordinary People”