Book Review Time: The Goldfinch

It’s Sunday morning. I awoke to gloomy overcast skies. As is the case in the area I reside in, weather is fluid. A somber morning like this, with heavy fog, can quickly transform into a bright and summery clime, once the sun decides to use its full power. Which I’m sure it will as theContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Goldfinch”

Book Review Time: Rules For Visiting

I purchased Rules For Visiting, by Jessica Francis Kane on Saturday morning. As often happens, I was drawn in by an amazing cover. Who’s hiding behind the potted plant? And why?  My curiosity was further heightened after reading the blurb on the back cover. I handed the store-clerk my debit card, confident in my decision.Continue reading “Book Review Time: Rules For Visiting”

Book Review Time: PET

My local bookstore recently reopened for in-house service, with requisite safety measures in place (i.e. limited occupancy, mask-wearing, and adherence social distancing.) Of course, once it officially reopened, I high-tailed it over there to get my fix. Amazon Prime has its conveniences (and its controversies). But it will never compare with the experience of searchingContinue reading “Book Review Time: PET”

Book Review Time: Clap When You Land

Today I’m wrapping up booksandbevs7’s Elizabeth Acevedo series with Clap When You Land. In this powerful work, Acevedo returns to the novel-in-verse format. This style of writing really showcases her immense talent for storytelling. It also creates a sense of intimacy and transparency for the reader. The emotions that drive the characters are laid bare;Continue reading “Book Review Time: Clap When You Land”

Book Review Time: With The Fire On High

I believe everyone possesses a bit of magic. Not necessarily, the Hermoine Granger-kind. Though that would be nice, wouldn’t it? The magic I mean is more like a special gift or talent. Something that we are uniquely exceptional at. For instance, I’m really good at finding awesome hiding places; nooks where I can read undisturbedContinue reading “Book Review Time: With The Fire On High”

Book Review Time: The Poet X

Booksandbevs7 will be trying something a little different over the course of the next few weeks. The blog will dedicate a series of posts to the incomparable works of Elizabeth Acevedo. The focus will be on her three novels: The Poet X, With The Fire On High, and Clap When You Land. I look forwardContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Poet X”

Book Review Time: The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane

Routines are comfortable. Nothing out of the ordinary, means no surprises. No need to adjust, recalibrate, or fine-tune our coping skills. It’s all so easy. So we become complacent.  But what happens when a gust of wind sends you off course? What happens when you’re forced into situations that test your priorities and your senseContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane”

Book Review Time: The Jane Austen Society

Back in April, I posted about my great love of Jane Austen and her works. In that particular post, I focused on the novel, Persuasion, which happens to be my favorite among the Austen catalogue. But all of her books hold a special place in my heart. Austen observed, with a keen eye, her confinedContinue reading “Book Review Time: The Jane Austen Society”

Book Review Time: We Are Family

The world is a scary place. I guess it always has been. But humans are inventive. We know how to edit, revise, cover- up, and gloss-over. For the last few weeks, months even, the curtains have been ripped open, revealing truths that many weren’t prepared for. I pray for better days, more open-hearts, and aContinue reading “Book Review Time: We Are Family”

Book Review Time: Knock-Off Monarch

(Disclosure: I was sent a free copy of this work, in exchange for an honest review.) When I was younger, I loved reading poetry. But for whatever reason over the years I’ve drifted away from this literary form, primarily indulging in fictional prose. As an avid reader and book lover, my taste is wide-ranging inContinue reading “Book Review Time: Knock-Off Monarch”