microfiction (episode 2-cracks)

The cracks are beginning to show. Just around the eyes. And slight furrows trace the sensitive skin between the lower forehead and the bridge of the nose. While examining her face in the bathroom mirror, several thoughts come to mind. Why do we always seem to be out of milk? What exactly is a NFT?Continue reading “microfiction (episode 2-cracks)”

microfiction, episode 4-hinges:

Smoke and mirrors. Bells and whistles. Nuts and bolts. Doors and hinges? It started with a small squeak. And only when the door was opened abruptly. Quickly. The sound was akin to that of a surprised mouse. Barely registering as a minor annoyance, Ky purchased a can of WD40, and assumed the problem was solved.Continue reading “microfiction, episode 4-hinges:”

microfiction (episode 1-pilot)

Ky was habitually late. To weddings. To funerals. Parent-teacher conferences. Dental appointments (scurrying to make the grace period cut-off). And after encountering 3 consecutive red lights, she knows she’ll be late yet again. Ky bangs her fist against the car’s steering wheel in frustration. This is done more as a performance than a genuine showContinue reading “microfiction (episode 1-pilot)”