Book Review Time: Beautiful

One simple adjective can sum up the entirety of a book. Of an experience. With a plot richly textured, and characters explored in their absolute fullness, displaying humanity unvarnished, the novel, Beautiful, proves to be just that. Beautiful. This is the story of two brothers, born and raised in the Mexican village of Merida. Miguel,Continue reading “Book Review Time: Beautiful”

Book Review Time: We Are Family

The world is a scary place. I guess it always has been. But humans are inventive. We know how to edit, revise, cover- up, and gloss-over. For the last few weeks, months even, the curtains have been ripped open, revealing truths that many weren’t prepared for. I pray for better days, more open-hearts, and aContinue reading “Book Review Time: We Are Family”

Book Review Time: A Novel Bookstore

Full disclosure, I’m a huge fan of Europa Editions and the works they publish. The Elegance of The Hedgehog, Farewell My Orange, A Girl Returned, and don’t even get me started with just about every title with Elena Ferrante’s name next to it. Europa puts out great material, plain and simple. They introduce to AmericanContinue reading “Book Review Time: A Novel Bookstore”