A Celebration Of Black Female Authors

Last month was a celebration of Black history. And this month, we recognize the contributions of women in the fight for equality.  In a continuation of that spirit, this post is dedicated to 3 works of fiction written by Black female authors, which were previously reviewed on booksandbevs7. Whatever Happened To Interracial Love? by KathleenContinue reading “A Celebration Of Black Female Authors”

Book Review Time: Song For Anninho

Almeyda rests, recovering. The wounds she sustained to her chest are severe. Almeyda was discovered by a medicine woman, unconscious and disfigured. Now, the medicine woman carefully tends to her injuries. With trust well earned, Almeyda confides to this woman, Zibrata. She reveals to her the story of her life; how she came to beContinue reading “Book Review Time: Song For Anninho”