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I’ve always loved reading since I can remember. And I possess a writer’s heart. has allowed me the space to explore my passions.

This site is an inclusive one. I welcome any and all. My goal is to celebrate books and the wonderful, often transformative, practice of reading.

My writing voice speaks to the working mother (stay-at-home moms and those out in the workforce) who understand the importance of setting aside personal time, in order to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. And after a long and demanding day, nothing smooths out the rough edges better than, lying on the couch, reading an incredible book, with a nice glass of Merlot. has 165 followers on WordPress, over 1100 on Instagram, and a growing email subscriber list. Expansion into TikTok and Pinterest is currently in the works. In addition to my blog, I have also contributed book reviews for Reedsy Discovery. Here is a link to my page,

As continues to grow, greater focus will be paid to stories (fiction and non-fiction) highlighting the experiences of women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community.

I will consider book review requests. However, I do reserve the right to decline a request if the selection is incompatible with the overall spirit of the blog, or if requests exceed my bandwidth. I’m only human after all.

Services such as sponsored posts, giveaways, and freebies will be coming soon. So, keep a look out.

If you have any questions, book review requests, or would like to, as the title states, “work with me,” please contact me at

~Ginny Malbec

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