microfiction: episode 7- september 26, 1996

September 26, 1996- Weekend in Santa Cruz

A Story for Ky:

After many an hour, playing in the Pacific waves, Ky decided to rest on the shore. Sandy renditions of castles and sea turtles abound. The sun beamed brightly. Ky shielded her eyes. Ocean-mist whipped across her face. And her imagination took flight. 

Her sister, Tyra, and she discovered the wreckage of an old ship. They hoped to find treasure below. But a pod of porpoises told them no jewels, gold nor silver, were to be found there. So, the sisters left slightly distraught.

One of the porpoises felt guilty for being the bearer of bad news, so he offered to take the girls on an underwater excursion, provided they could procure their own wet-suits. Ky quickly proclaimed: “We always have swim gear on hand. We’re adventurers, after all!”

And so they were off…

They were introduced to a man o’ war with myopia. They talked politics with an unemployed dumbo octopus. A hermit crab reluctantly gave them directions.

And, of course, they quietly hid when they heard two great white sharks gossiping nearby. “Chismosas” declared the porpoise with a wink and a smile. 

Their adventure ended with a group therapy session held by a school of rainbow fish…aquatic life ain’t easy, man. 

The porpoise (he’s name was Lorenzo, by the way) safely delivered the sisters ashore, and bid them farewell. Ky and Tyra thanked him a million times over and promised to write (but we all know about those kinds of promises). And the sisters walked away from the ocean quite proud of themselves. 

All of a sudden, little flecks of sand began to fall from the sky. They stung Ky’s face. She awoke with a start. Tyra was kicking sand, and pouting about something or other. And their parents were packing up, in preparation to leave.

Ky smiled. It was all a dream. But what a wonderful dream it was.



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